Our Story

Our Background

'Prime Teacup Puppies' have been in the pet business for over 10 years in South Korea. We provide high quality puppies to customers while working closely with the breeders in South Korea. For the past years in the business, we gained experience with the puppies and their breeding process and have formed high standard in selecting puppies with strict criteria.

We are located in Seoul, South Korea and we have been working with professional brokers in North America to provide teacup size puppies in the region. We are now ready to expand our business to provide same service worldwide.


How can Prime Teacup Puppies afford to sell our quality puppies at a low price?

Prime Teacup Puppies intends to offer quality puppies that customer wants at incredibly affordable price. There is a factor that mark up the price of our puppies : breeder cost, pet shop cost, and reseller. We managed to minimize these costs. We, as the breeder, ship directly to customer without pet shop and reseller. This is how we provide quality puppies at unbelievably affordable low price.



Why Korea?

While preparing expansion of our business worldwide, we have visited United States and Canada to work with several breeders in North America, but unfortunately we were not able to find breeders that meet our criteria and standards in selecting puppies. We could not guarantee the background of the puppies and their health issues. Therefore, we work here in South Korea to provide better and healthier puppies to customers.